Four Ways To Make An Impact

Four Ways To Make An Impact

No matter who is walking into your home, making a statement with lighting is key to setting the tone and starting conversations. From your entryway to your bedroom, selecting fixtures and lamps that transform a space is key to an elevated introduction. Read on for ways to make a lasting impact with your lighting selections.


Never overlook a hallway as a source of illumination. These long and often darkened spaces provide a wonderful opportunity to play with lighting. Opting for sconces or flush mounts in multiple numbers naturally lead you through long spaces, creating a pathway of radiance.


An entry table is a fun way to create an impression within your home. Even more so when you add a statement lamp. Depending on what your style is, we like to suggest lamps of various scales, textures and silhouettes that juxtapose with the surrounding elements.


Once you have experienced the magic of dimmers, you really can’t go back. Being able to control the mood and concentration of your light is how you create ambience and save power. Incorporate dimmers throughout your home to enhance your lighting experience.


You can’t go wrong with a chandelier and one of our favorite suggestions is placing a chandelier in various areas of the home, like the master closet, top of a staircase or the entryway.