How to Choose a Table Lamp

How to Choose a Table Lamp

Lamps have come a long way since Edison’s invention of the incandescent lamp in 1878. What was born out of necessity is now a marriage between form and function. Today, lamps come in many different shapes, sizes and styles so it’s good to consider the following five elements when selecting a lamp for your space.


Think about the scale of your lamps in comparison to elements and space around it. Lamps are great at creating balance within a room and behaving as a focal point. Consider larger scale lamps for visual interest and impact and smaller lamps for accents.


Arguably the most interesting aspect of lighting design is the shape. There’s an endless amount of options in lighting design when it comes to the shape of a lamp base. Opting for an architectural base provides an additional element of art, while traditional silhouettes provide structure and timeless energy.


Shades can be an overlooked element in lighting design because they seem pretty straight forward. However, the material of the shade heavily influences the illumination casted from the light. Natural paper shades produce a more warm, yellow glow, while linen shades are more neutral and bright. Metal shades produce a downward illumination, best used for task or picture lighting.


Why have one lamp when you can have two!? Create symmetry within your bedroom, entry way, media center etc. with a pair of lights or keep it juxtaposed and asymmetrical with an oversized statement lamp.


Consider the style of the lamp in comparison to the space it will inhabit and the dialog it has with the rest of the room. There is an opportunity for creativity when selecting lamps. For modern lamps, shop Kelly Wearstler. For transitional, shop Aerin. We are here to guide you through your selections.